My Realm

The world of magic, fairytales and danger: Thats were I live, if you look close enough. There is no way to escape the fact that we all hold a bit of mystical creatures in us, no matter if we can see it or if we cant. I live with princesses and creatures of the dark but trust me Im no normal damsel in distress. I am the witch of the block, don’t worry this is not me admitting to being some evil women bent on ruining the lives of those I envy. I am not saying Im good either, just around with the power to do more and see more than your average girl. My kingdom which I call camelot is full of people with potential that no one understands or sees, orgs who just need to see their beauty, Princess who just need to save themselves, vampires who feed off of others, and a billion more creatures finding their ways. I see a billion paths converging and no one else seems to knows or care about the ones they don’t understand, but I want to understand them all, thats my endgame.

Welcome to my kingdom! It sucks, and is full of crap but thats university for you.