Creatures of Tartarus

Ive introduced you to a few of the many creatures of Camelot, it is now time I introduce you to the many creatures of Tartarus. They are just as conflicted, and sometimes rude as those in Camelot but for the most part I love them.

Mary: A typical fairy, full of magic and optimism but has trouble seeing the world’s dark reality and when it comes knocking on her door with full force she cannot handle it. She is sweet and a great friend and confidant. (her allegianceĀ is good)

Zachery: A Grumpy dwarf, always over confident and brutally honest. He may be rough on the outside but he is always looking out for my best interest. (Allegiance is good)

Erik: A great Elf, intelligent, sweet and always thinking of his family. He has a good heart and is one I can always count on. (Allegiance is good)

Mitch: My troll of a big brother, he is kind of dumb, tall, and did I mention dumb. Im only joking, he has a great heart but when enraged or lazy his troll side comes out and he cannot possess his true potential. (Allegiance varies, we are sibling so it makes sense)


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