A new type of prince

So Apparently princes do exist, and I am not referring to those with a special bloodline, but those with the traits of a true gentleman. Those men who are chivalrous, who truly represent themselves in a great way (hopefully without ¬† an alternative moment). I have met a few men, who in different ways embody this ideal, throughout the past few weeks! There is Mathew who I met at the academy Tavern only a few days ago, he is a really nice talkative guy. He happens to be friends with Anna, so he hung out with us for a while. During this time he was very kind to Anna and myself, bought us beers and talked to us. The most surprising thing was when we went to pay for our tabs the waitress told us he had! He wouldn’t even take credit for it when anna talked to him, someone truly kind and actually humble about it. To me this is bizarre I have not met many men who would do something so kind to a stranger, who I practically am to him.

I am not suggesting that to be a gentleman one has to pay a lot of money, he was a kind man before I knew he had paid the bill. He treated me as a friend when he had only known me for a minute, something that I am very unused to. I am also kind of jealous of that trait and wish I was able to make friends that easily and be that at ease with those I barely know. I suppose that is an issue for another day though!

more to come,

the not so wicked witch




All it takes is a little bit of Magic

Sorry I haven’t written much as of recently, I got into a bit of a funk. I was always tired and down, which led to me becoming sick. Though I am not on here to tell you how bad things have been, I am here to tell you how good things are getting. All It took was a little help from my friends, a trip to Tartarus, and a bit of self pampering and I feel like a new person. ¬†Anna and me travelled to my home town for the weekend and it was marvellous! I saw Zachery, Mary and Erik, along with my parents and brother. Spending those days at home made me so happy because I felt my inner magic return. My happiness, my smile, my laugh it seems like at least a month since I have laughed that much. I just had marvellous time, we went into the local tavern and got some drinks and good food and had a dandy old time. I got a pampering with my mother at one of the local nail salons, where we had happy fairies helping us relax and feel awesome. I got to help my father tend to are garden and even though I couldn’t do much as I only had heeled shoes it was fun! Then at the end of the weekend I got to watch Anna and her team play ringette and win!!! And the weirdest thing of all was that I, a person with no knowledge or previous enjoyment with sports, had an amazing time, and I know that it is all because of Anna. I cared because I knew she cared and now she has a permanent fan at all the home games to harass her!

I guess the point of all this is, the best magic is the magic that makes you smile and makes you feel alive. As well as it is important to have friends who can pull you out of that gutter and fill your spirits!

more to come,

The not so wicked witch