When you become drawn to someone

Shapeshifter have become a reality to me, mostly in regards to those I like. Because of this I am now hesitant to allow myself to truly hold feelings for another person. I am just scared that my set perception of them will yet again be so off, and that I will be ignoring the true aspects of their lives. This idea might seem very out there but it is true that I am indeed scared of the same thing happening again.

The reason I mention this is there is this man I have found myself drawn to, in a way I am not used to and it scares me. He is like not like the men I normally find myself drawn to, one because he seems to be an actually nice person, not just to me but to others. The fact that he is so different than anyone I really know scares me, yet intrigues me. Mostly because I don’t know much about him but I know there is something that makes me want to know more. Also he works at one of the schools potion shops, and supplies me with my constant need for energy inducing potions. If I make things super uncomfortable with him I know I will lose the want to go there because of it. So I am stuck on what to do. Do I take a leap and see about maybe hanging out with him, or do I act like a scared person and avoid it. See I am not as confident as I used to be with men as my ex’s have messed it up.

Lets hope I can make a decision soon… or at least that something forces me to.

More to come,

The Not So Wicked Witch


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