Birthday celebration Part 1

My parents surprise visit

I have realized that in my rant on my feelings for certain men I forgot to tell you how my Birthday celebration went. When I originally talked about it I was very pessimistic to what the weekend would entail, but it was actually amazing. There is way too much to discuss in one post though so I am going to simplify it and make a few separate posts on things that happened.

It actually started on Friday when my parents called me 10 minutes before my show at MGIC fm and told me they where an hour outside of Camelot. Meaning my lovely parents drove over five hours to surprise me for my 20th birthday and to take me out for dinner. It was the greatest thing I could have asked for and It made me so happy! My one friend Brady actually told me he had never seen me so happy before that! Which tells you how big of a thing that was to me. They even went to the Tavern with me and my friends on the Saturday. I loved it, we went to breakfast, I showed them around the university and introduced them to some new friends such as Stan and Ally. It was an amazing time with them, not perfect but special

More to come,

The Not So Wicked Witch



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