A beast is just a beast

I just want to say one thing, the tale of beauty and the beast is not realistic. A beast is a beast, not a man cursed against his own will! He is not an innocent waiting for you to “fix him” and break his curse. He is and will always be the beast, unless he fixes the problem. And no girl should stick around locked away waiting for the day he chooses to be better. You may think you are changing him but lets be honest thats just you wishing for him to better, and that wish only makes you view him as better. Lets use a drastic example, if someone was to hit you, just because they don’t hit you the next day doesn’t change the fact they hit you the day before! You can sugar coat it all you want, but a beast is a beast. Yes sometimes we view a person negatively and then see the better side of them, but if someone needs to be “changed” for them to be the right person for you then they were never the right person.

I am the person that thinks that we need to love the positives and the negatives of a person, but not change the negative aspects of them. Yes we all want to be better for the person we love but if someone views my honesty and bluntness as a negative I am not changing that! Thats because I am aware that I can find someone who loves that about me even if they don’t like it all the time. We all have a beast in ourselves; we just need to find the person who doesn’t see us as a beast but sees the person we truly are. Why would you want to be with someone you have to fix? Why wouldn’t you want someone who can grow with you in a joint effort not someone who takes away from your needs? The world is set in a craze of stories were its ok if the guy courting you is not always nice or polite because you can change him. That needs too change, men and women need to learn about how important the treatment of others is, we can’t let those we have prospective relationships with treat us less than we deserve because we hope that one day it won’t be like that anymore, and that they will “learn”! How will they learn if you don’t tell them straight up that being treated like a prisoner or pet is not acceptable at the start!

Let those beasts know that you want more, let they know you are willing to go look for more, and then they can decide if being a beast is worth it. If they choose to be a beast then be happy you got out when you could!

More to come,

Ruby the not so Wicked witch


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