What just happened

I am so confused. I have been hanging out with Cody for a whole month talking everyday for the most part and just yesterday I┬álearned he has a girlfriend. So my thoughts are WHAT. I am more upset that talking about his ex placed more of an importance than his actual girlfriend. For some reason I am not angry at him, but just confused and partially insulted. Did he not tell me cause he thought I wouldn’t be friends with him, or because he legit did not think about it. Why is this such a thing, I’m not even mad as someone who liked him but as a friend. How does one not tell their friends about there girlfriend, how does one not think to mention her at all. I am angry for her, that would be so insulting to think that I had so little effect on my boyfriends life that he never thought to mention me. What?

How is that a thing, I suppose he could have just started dating her but I still don’t understand how thats a thing you just don’t mention. He wasn’t even the one who told me, it was his friend. I am so frustrated and also confused, nothing really makes sense with this.

I just have no clue right now,

Ruby the not so Wicked Witch

A change in the air

I have found myself feeling different these past few days, I am laughing and dancing and goofing around in a way I normally wouldn’t. Sarah has even mentioned my randomness and many have told me I need to drink less energy potions. But I know its because I finally feel happy again, fully gleefully happy! The dark days are for now behind me and I am actually smiling a lot. This is very much because of my friends, I spent a week in Tartarus with Zachery and Erik and when I came back I felt different. Then I have been spending time with Cody who constantly makes me laugh like an idiot! Then as usual Sarah and Anna have been the greatest, and with all of this together It helped. I am looking at the world in a different way, but it isn’t scary its peaceful. I don’t fall asleep with tears in my eyes, and I wake up optimistic of the day ahead.

I find myself creating magic again also, something I haven’t done in a very long time. I feel the change in the air, and it is clean and fresh! Looking ahead things may be bumpy but it will be full of laughter and friends! I cant ask for anything else!

More to come,

Ruby the not so Wicked Witch