What just happened

I am so confused. I have been hanging out with Cody for a whole month talking everyday for the most part and just yesterday I learned he has a girlfriend. So my thoughts are WHAT. I am more upset that talking about his ex placed more of an importance than his actual girlfriend. For some reason I am not angry at him, but just confused and partially insulted. Did he not tell me cause he thought I wouldn’t be friends with him, or because he legit did not think about it. Why is this such a thing, I’m not even mad as someone who liked him but as a friend. How does one not tell their friends about there girlfriend, how does one not think to mention her at all. I am angry for her, that would be so insulting to think that I had so little effect on my boyfriends life that he never thought to mention me. What?

How is that a thing, I suppose he could have just started dating her but I still don’t understand how thats a thing you just don’t mention. He wasn’t even the one who told me, it was his friend. I am so frustrated and also confused, nothing really makes sense with this.

I just have no clue right now,

Ruby the not so Wicked Witch


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