Creatures of Camelot

Updated as of Feb 3 2017

Still very relevant in my life:

Anna- A cursed princess fighting her inner battle, a fight we all find ourselves in each day, hers curse is just a day to day challenge that effects her life in a larger manner, thought if you know her well you can see her inner beauty and passion shine through. (Allegiance is good)

Midra- A loving, stubborn, intellectual elf! She has her own inner battle that can be very destructive and that tends to be taken out on me at a moments notice but she leans to the light some what often. (Allegiance is very confusing)

Sarah- A mortal girl with a curiosity of the witch/wizard community, she finds herself stuck in a shell that she cannot break out of on her own but a want for more than she possesses of herself (allegiance appears good)

AJ- A fun loving elf with a love of music and and the Camelot community. He is a fun guy, but he also has a habit of falling into a pit of stress. As a side note he is also my boss. (allegiance appears good)

Stan- a loving dwarf, who spends much of his time listening to music from around the realms and studying the various creatures that live within them. He is always around to listen to my many questions of the social aspects of our society. (allegiance appears good)

Ally- Half fairy have good witch, and a surprising friend. Ally is a coworker at MGIC Fm, where she runs all the programs. She has been a great ally this past year and has made me feel very much at home. (allegiance is good)

Meg-Another good witch, who finds herself questioning her world. She like me has a need to know the stories of all around her, even if she has to search for the answers. (allegiance appears good)

Scott-  A Gargoyle seen to be lazy and evil by some, but he is truly a protector of those he cares about. He finds himself in a world were he is constantly questioned by all around him, friends and family included. Through this he finds himself viewed with mixed reactions as he tries to discover his true purpose.

Vicky- A mischievous pixie who loves to prank her friends and meet new strangers. She holds a strong confident front, but finds herself riddled with a lack of genuine confidence, hiding it within laughter and fast talking.

Slightly outdated people:

Ella-A Humorous princess filled with laughter and joy but cursed with an ignorance that effects her everyday life tremendously whither or nor she knows it. (at this point her allegiance isn’t completely known)

 Galvin- A vampire who feeds off the praise of the public, using whatever means he can possible to hold his ego to nearly impossibly standards that drive all who know him well enough insane; Anna, Midra and myself included.(at this point his allegiance isn’t completely known)

Heather- a half fairy half banshee, she is either the great and kind or screaming bloody murder. As soon as things don’t go her way, you are dead to her, at least if she can afford to make you so.(at this point her allegiance isn’t completely known though it leans negatively)

Trish- A Princess who is full of life, but also arrogance. She is fun to be around until things are not completely going her way, as soon as that happens no one else matters except her (at this point her allegiance isn’t completely known though it leans negatively)



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