Relationship blunder

Missing Months Part 3

What is a fairytale without a few twists and turns, my weirdest turn in these past months was a proposal from Richard. I feel like the use of the word weirdest implies the proposal was unwanted and VERY unexpected. I was actually very angry and quite insulted to be honest. Its not like he was a bad man, he was just pushing a proposal on someone he had barely been seeing.

He offered me a nice life, but a life that meant sacrificing a lot of my aspirations for his, even though he didn’t implicitly say this… I just knew. For me it would never matter what a gentleman could give me if he wanted my intellectual peruses to be shut down. I have come to learn very few sympathize with my anger and pain, because who wouldn’t want a wealthy man to shower them with gifts. Well if this wasn’t obvious to you I wouldn’t! I want love, and an epic weird love story, not a bribed relationship. So I am apparently set to be single for a very long time.

More to come,

The not so Wicked Witch



A Twist In My Story

Missing Months part 2

I am never the person to do what others expect, instead I am the person who pushes all of the expectations pushed on me. So I joined a Sorority at Camelot University, to be honest it was completely because someone said I would not be able to get into the group. Which I understand as a witch would have a hard time joining a group of fairies and princesses down in (edmonton) but in Camelot things are different. Not an oasis but the separation between groups are not as strong. I was even surprised when I joined as the sorority has a wide range on women in the group. There are dwarfs, warriors, pixies, princesses, and etc.

I did get a bid, and have become a pledge but I also am happy to say it is in no way as bad as I thought. I met my “Big sister” Maddi and she is a very sweet pixie. I have to admit it was somewhat weird when I met her because from first glance I though we would have nothing in common. Although I have learned that she is a fellow lover of coffee! So I am becoming more optimistic.

More to come,

Ruby the Not so Wicked Witch

Missing Months part 1

Missing Months

I Know I was absent for a few months so I am now going to fill you in on some of the things in my life that have changed. 1) I am now in a new semester at the Camelot University 2) I now have two jobs and an internship at a local radio station 3) I went home for The winter solstice 4) Much more

So stay tuned for numerous stories labeled Missing Months that will tell the tales I was unable to before.

For now I will tell you about my internship at a local Radio station.  I am the person that runs their online marketing. I deal with their feeds on numerous sites such as “Spellbook”. I also have my own show, where I sit and discuss the numerous things that bug me. I also play music, majority of it from locals of camelot and other nearby regions controlled by the king.  I really enjoy it, the  creatures I work with are great and full of an energy I have never seen before.  The station is always a fun place to be and I feel comfortable.

More to come,

The not so Wicked Witch