Birthday celebration Part 2

The night at the Tavern!

So for my twentieth birthday a group of friends (and my parents) went to a tavern in Camelot and celebrated. It was a great night full of fun and laughter. I was originally nervous (as discussed in an earlier post) but It turned into a great night! We were at the tavern for a few hours and then ended up at Vicky’s place. Sarah and Anna convinced me to take a muff dive in front of my parents. Scott created a fun mysterious atmosphere by trying to tell everyone he was dating Vicky. She did not quite enjoy that as much as I did. I got bought numerous drinks and shots that night, even by my parents. A group of us even ended up back at Vicky’s until four in the morning. Sarah and Cody ended up crashing at my place, much to madras’s annoyance in the morning. It was honestly one of the most fun evenings I have had in a long time. I was actually quite surprised by Cody that evening, from him coming in the first place to him staying all night. Scott is practically involve with him and Sarah literally wanted to date him, well until she found out I like him. It was a great night, even though the next morning I was not feeling as great. I can now say I had a birthday celebration that did not make me want to cringe at remembering! My parents even got me flowers!

I am just hoping this next year is filled with the same laughter and happy memories that my birthday was!

More to come,

The not so wicked witch


Creatures of Camelot 2017

So last year I made a post discussing the many creatures of Camelot and now the list of relevant creatures has changed and I thought I would give you a bit of an update!

Anna- A cursed princess fighting her inner battle, a fight we all find ourselves in each day, hers curse is just a day to day challenge that effects her life in a larger manner, thought if you know her well you can see her inner beauty and passion shine through. (Allegiance is good)

Midra- A loving, stubborn, intellectual elf! She has her own inner battle that can be very destructive and that tends to be taken out on me at a moments notice but she leans to the light somewhat often.(Allegiance is very confusing)

Sarah- A mortal girl with a curiosity of the witch/wizard community, she finds herself stuck in a shell that she cannot break out of on her own but a want for more than she possesses of herself (allegiance appears good)

AJ- A fun loving elf with a love of music and and the Camelot community. He is a fun guy, but he also has a habit of falling into a pit of stress. As a side note he is also my boss. (allegiance appears good)

Stan- a loving dwarf, who spends much of his time listening to music from around the realms and studying the various creatures that live within them. He is always around to listen to my many questions of the social aspects of our society. (allegiance appears good)

Ally- Half fairy have good witch, and a surprising friend. Ally is a coworker at MGIC Fm, where she runs all the programs. She has been a great ally this past year and has made me feel very much at home. (allegiance is good)

Meg-Another good witch, who finds herself questioning her world. She like me has a need to know the stories of all around her, even if she has to search for the answers. (allegiance appears good)

Scott-  A Gargoyle seen to be lazy and evil by some, but he is truly a protector of those he cares about. He finds himself in a world were he is constantly questioned by all around him, friends and family included. Through this he finds himself viewed with mixed reactions as he tries to discover his true purpose.

Vicky- A mischievous pixie who loves to prank her friends and meet new strangers. She holds a strong confident front, but finds herself riddled with a lack of genuine confidence, hiding it within laughter and fast talking.

Birthday celebration Part 1

My parents surprise visit

I have realized that in my rant on my feelings for certain men I forgot to tell you how my Birthday celebration went. When I originally talked about it I was very pessimistic to what the weekend would entail, but it was actually amazing. There is way too much to discuss in one post though so I am going to simplify it and make a few separate posts on things that happened.

It actually started on Friday when my parents called me 10 minutes before my show at MGIC fm and told me they where an hour outside of Camelot. Meaning my lovely parents drove over five hours to surprise me for my 20th birthday and to take me out for dinner. It was the greatest thing I could have asked for and It made me so happy! My one friend Brady actually told me he had never seen me so happy before that! Which tells you how big of a thing that was to me. They even went to the Tavern with me and my friends on the Saturday. I loved it, we went to breakfast, I showed them around the university and introduced them to some new friends such as Stan and Ally. It was an amazing time with them, not perfect but special

More to come,

The Not So Wicked Witch


Once upon a time…

This is not just any tale this is the story of one of my greatest allies Zachery!

He is a strong but Grumpy Dwarf, always bickering with someone just so he can bicker. We are a lot alike, except I’m more adjusted to human life.  He behaves as a cave man at times sitting in front of a magic mirror for hours making imaginary characters fight for entertainment, although he would fit in well with the elvish community because of his lust for new information.

We met in junior high, when I had transferred from an all girls academy to my local academy. It was smaller than  I was used to but it made it easier to spot people to talk to. I am going to be completely honest and say I have no recognition of when we actually met, I only remember the annoying encounters that followed. Needless to say we were not close at all in junior high, but now I consider him my best friend.

It took one lovely elf/pixie hybrid to bring us together, or more Zachery’s attraction to her. Her name is Katherine, and the two of us where inseparable in high school. We met the first day of school and without her I would not have become close with any of my best friends now. It became clear very quickly that Zachery and his best friend at the time Cole both liked her, and I was on third wheel duty to relieve the pressure from her. It was a tedious task that I almost regret if it didn’t lead to my mother coming into our schools cafeteria during Zachery’s and my spare period and giving him a lecture on treating Katherine well.

We soon became more friends than acquaintances, and while that was happening Katherine and Cole became and Item. It was than that Zachery and me truly became friends, it seems like being on the same end of our friends arguments was a bonding moment. I can remember the first time we actually hung out alone, besides me bumming rides off him from school. It was two summers ago and I was making the food for a friends birthday celebration being held at my house, Mary originally came over to help but it turned out so horribly I called it round 1 and called Zachery to help for round 2. I don’t even think he came to the party, yet he most definitely was the greatest help with helping. We bickered less than we had ever before, and we both bonded over having to listen to our friends talk about there fighting.

Ever sense then we have continued to grow our friendship, through fights and bickering, we made it to this point. Aka the point were I annoy him every time I have an issue, but he always picks up or calls me back! The best friend I could have asked for!

More to come,

Ruby the not so Wicked Witch

Creatures of Tartarus

Ive introduced you to a few of the many creatures of Camelot, it is now time I introduce you to the many creatures of Tartarus. They are just as conflicted, and sometimes rude as those in Camelot but for the most part I love them.

Mary: A typical fairy, full of magic and optimism but has trouble seeing the world’s dark reality and when it comes knocking on her door with full force she cannot handle it. She is sweet and a great friend and confidant. (her allegiance is good)

Zachery: A Grumpy dwarf, always over confident and brutally honest. He may be rough on the outside but he is always looking out for my best interest. (Allegiance is good)

Erik: A great Elf, intelligent, sweet and always thinking of his family. He has a good heart and is one I can always count on. (Allegiance is good)

Mitch: My troll of a big brother, he is kind of dumb, tall, and did I mention dumb. Im only joking, he has a great heart but when enraged or lazy his troll side comes out and he cannot possess his true potential. (Allegiance varies, we are sibling so it makes sense)

Creatures of camelot

All creatures can be good or bad no matter the species they are born in, it is only themselves that can choose their nature, same as all of the creatures I speak of below.

Anna- A cursed princess fighting her inner battle, a fight we all find ourselves in each day, hers curse is just a day to day challenge that effects her life in a larger manner, thought if you know her well you can see her inner beauty and passion shine through.   (at this moment she is appears to be leaning good)

Ella-A Humorous princess filled with laughter and joy but cursed with an ignorance that effects her everyday life tremendously whither or nor she knows it. (at this point her alliegence isn’t completely known)

Galvin- A vampire who feeds off the praise of the public, using whatever means he can possible to hold his ego to nearly impossibly standards that drive all who know him well enough insane; Anna, Midra and myself included.(at this point his alliegence  isn’t completely known)

Heather- a half fairy half banshee, she is either the great and kind or screaming bloody murder. As soon as things don’t go her way, you are dead to her, at least if she can afford to make you so.(at this point her alliegence isn’t completely known though it leans negatively)

Midra- A loving, stubborn, intellectual elf! She has a love for family, children, and languages. Studying to be a governess, she hopes to teach the talent of French and Spanish  to the youth. (at this moment she is appears to be leaning good)

Trish- A Princess who is full of life, but also arrogance. She is fun to be around until things are not completely going her way, as soon as that happens no one else matters except her (at this point her alliegence isn’t completely known though it leans negatively)