Places of Camelot

Schools tavern: a local hangout that many students of Camelot university go to for a break during there stressful days. A common hangout for Anna, Cole and myself as it is only two floors above my work and the in-between for most of are living

MGIC fm: The radio station at which I work. I spend most of my days there hiding from Midra and her stressed induced wrath. But I am almost always there mostly because of the humorous characters that come by.

Gym: there is no way to really positively describe this place, except for that no one bothers me there and I can watch the behaviour of those around me without people really noticing as they just want to get out of they sooner than later

Potions shop: the lovely shop where I spend large amounts of my time indulging in energy potions and talking to Cam about how bizarre my relatives and life are.

Market place: the great space where my friends I myself go to shop for all the useless items we wish to possess but cannot truly afford