When a friend is the best magic

So I am back in Tartarus, attempting to figure out some of the things in my life that have been troubling me. I haven’t talked much about the true issues in my life and have opted to discuss less troubling matters such as Cody and Cam as it makes it easier to write. I wish  I could truly explain the issues in my life as of recent but I myself have no clue as to what words could adequately describe my emotional state. So I am happy to report I am back with Erik and Zachery and hopefully one of them will have wise words to help me figure out my life. If not I know they will help me at least in the way of distraction as they are always there to make me laugh and smile, no matter what else is going on in my life!

I think I have had a change in attitude these past few days just because I knew I would be back with them! As well as because I have to report about Cody and Cam, I need the two most important men in my life to approve those I am possibly crushing on. They also need to help me figure out how delusional Sarah is in her assumption that they like me! But I am mostly excited for a day of adventure we have decided to embark on. The goal is to get 20 things off a checklist of “bucket list” items! These things involve us roaming around Tartarus and having some great laughs!

Well I suppose I should get back to reality instead of just writing about it!

More to come,

Ruby  the not so Wicked witch


Missing Months part 1

Missing Months

I Know I was absent for a few months so I am now going to fill you in on some of the things in my life that have changed. 1) I am now in a new semester at the Camelot University 2) I now have two jobs and an internship at a local radio station 3) I went home for The winter solstice 4) Much more

So stay tuned for numerous stories labeled Missing Months that will tell the tales I was unable to before.

For now I will tell you about my internship at a local Radio station.  I am the person that runs their online marketing. I deal with their feeds on numerous sites such as “Spellbook”. I also have my own show, where I sit and discuss the numerous things that bug me. I also play music, majority of it from locals of camelot and other nearby regions controlled by the king.  I really enjoy it, the  creatures I work with are great and full of an energy I have never seen before.  The station is always a fun place to be and I feel comfortable.

More to come,

The not so Wicked Witch