Birthday celebration Part 2

The night at the Tavern!

So for my twentieth birthday a group of friends (and my parents) went to a tavern in Camelot and celebrated. It was a great night full of fun and laughter. I was originally nervous (as discussed in an earlier post) but It turned into a great night! We were at the tavern for a few hours and then ended up at Vicky’s place. Sarah and Anna convinced me to take a muff dive in front of my parents. Scott created a fun mysterious atmosphere by trying to tell everyone he was dating Vicky. She did not quite enjoy that as much as I did. I got bought numerous drinks and shots that night, even by my parents. A group of us even ended up back at Vicky’s until four in the morning. Sarah and Cody ended up crashing at my place, much to madras’s annoyance in the morning. It was honestly one of the most fun evenings I have had in a long time. I was actually quite surprised by Cody that evening, from him coming in the first place to him staying all night. Scott is practically involve with him and Sarah literally wanted to date him, well until she found out I like him. It was a great night, even though the next morning I was not feeling as great. I can now say I had a birthday celebration that did not make me want to cringe at remembering! My parents even got me flowers!

I am just hoping this next year is filled with the same laughter and happy memories that my birthday was!

More to come,

The not so wicked witch


Birthday celebration Part 1

My parents surprise visit

I have realized that in my rant on my feelings for certain men I forgot to tell you how my Birthday celebration went. When I originally talked about it I was very pessimistic to what the weekend would entail, but it was actually amazing. There is way too much to discuss in one post though so I am going to simplify it and make a few separate posts on things that happened.

It actually started on Friday when my parents called me 10 minutes before my show at MGIC fm and told me they where an hour outside of Camelot. Meaning my lovely parents drove over five hours to surprise me for my 20th birthday and to take me out for dinner. It was the greatest thing I could have asked for and It made me so happy! My one friend Brady actually told me he had never seen me so happy before that! Which tells you how big of a thing that was to me. They even went to the Tavern with me and my friends on the Saturday. I loved it, we went to breakfast, I showed them around the university and introduced them to some new friends such as Stan and Ally. It was an amazing time with them, not perfect but special

More to come,

The Not So Wicked Witch


Celebration at the Tavern

This weekend is full of celebration, apparently. You see your lovely neighbourhood witch is turning twenty this Sunday. With that comes the apparent need to celebrate, one which I slightly understand but at the same time don’t. I understand wanting to spend time with your loved ones, but not the idea that one must get dressed up and go to a ball to drink. I personally enjoy just going to a tavern with close friends and having a drink or two. I even enjoy just doing random enjoyable things with friends. Though I don’t think my celebration will be exactly what I want, though Anna is trying very hard to make it so.

She has talked to one of the taverns in Camelot and has a table booked for Saturday night. We have told friends that they can come join and then go to a community ball if they would like but thankfully Anna has told me that I have no obligation to join. That she will take me home if I don’t want to go to the ball, which is such a relief. I am not really the biggest fan of balls, they just don’t seem to do much for me. I am always uncomfortable on the dance floor as you have groups of primitive warriors trying to “grind” on you, or you stand in a circle doing nothing. I usually end up outside smoking and talking to others like myself. Which I don’t really want to do this year.

With this fall into an unknown land, I have found things such as this to be very disliked and unwanted by myself. I would much prefer to be at home watching movies or studying instead of being at a ball.

Lets just hope this weekends festivities go well.

Wish me luck,

The not so Wicked Witch