Feeling like cinderella

I am assuming I am not alone in once and a while feeling like a cinderella. The only difference here is it is my roommate and she is getting worse and worse. She is not even upfront about it, she just passive aggressively refuses to do any chores, even though she is home way more than myself. I can come home to only sleep for a whole week and then have her blame me for every mess in the apartment even though she is home everyday for a large portion of the time, making these messes. I legitimately come home, shower, sleep, get up and go to the university.  The worst part is if I do decide to come home early I am met with rudeness and anger. Midra has turned from a fun loving elf to one poisoned, whose heart is rotting and turning her into a dark elf more and more each day. Though I only have 9 weeks left with her approximately I find myself becoming effected by the poison, causing me to become angry and on edge daily. I am always tense and any time she speaks to me I react in a way I cannot control. I fight the urge to just play her passive aggressive games, or to get the chores done that need to. Some things have gotten very gross, while others have become easy to ignore. My only concern is that I will be stuck trying to juggle ALL of the household chores and my studies and my job, while she sits in front of a magic mirror watching her shows. I understand she has a lot on her plate as well but I believe that if she is the only one actually around to make a large mess she showed understand that she should take more of the cleaning responsibilities not drop all of them.

The most annoying part is she tells me she will do something and then doesn’t for two weeks and when I do it her first ┬áresponse is “oh, I was going to do that!” I am just tired of her, every time I receive a message from her I cringe, her messages are practically always along the lines of “Cinderella do this” “what did you do to cause this?” “You need to get this done!”

I am not her servant and I am tired of being treated like one! I need to find a way to combat this horrible behaviour, I no longer am content to just ignore her!

More to come,
The not so Wicked Witch


Preparation for the ball

Most girls are not as lucky as cinderella! We have to dig through are closets for something to wear, put on are makeup, fret about our hair and if we look good enough. She had birds and mice make her dress and when that failed a fairy godmother make her look fabulous!

Tonight I find myself in Winchester staying with Midra, it is her 20th birthday and we are celebrating!! With that comes a ball, drinks and dancing included. I only wish that I could have some help with my preparation as I always feel like a mess. Either I am showing to much skin or I look like I am a nun, no in between. The one good thing is when your out with friends it really doesn’t matter as much as you make it seem. And the one thing that Cinderella did hit right on the spot was at the end of the night everyone looks like crap! Booze does that to you!

I just hope that my night doesn’t crash as bad as cinderella’s did!

More to come,

Ruby, The not so wicked witch.