The Big bad wolf in disguise

The one thing that I have always found irritating about Red Riding Hood is that they don’t show wolves in there true form aka running in packs, as most inconceivably rude and arrogant men do. Such as my old friends Nate and Eli who are respectively an omega and alpha have done most their lives. It is their increasing need to jump into my story and continue to derail any happiness that has me enraged. They both disguised themselves as friends, even brothers who where there to protect me, I was almost needless to say very deceived. They have both learned of my origin story, essentially why I am no longer in a daze of happy ever afters and prince charming’s. Then they turned around and I was their prey, a young girl to eat up and leave in pieces on the floor.

If it wasn’t for my great friends such as Zachery, Mary, Erik, Anna, and Midra I would have been lost. A few cups of ale down and some rehashing on past drunk tales and they all made me feel better even if not all of them where there in person. Even if Zachery wrote to me and while doing so compared me to Belle from Beauty and the Beast and suggested I have some form of Stockholm syndrome, and that Nate “is an actual scumbag.” Granted I understand why he said this being that this is not the first time Nate has brought my past out in negative light, and made me essentially hate him! I do promise you this is the last, I no longer care to give him the power he has over me, no matter what past we have has or the one i posses that he continues to belittle me with. As I sit with Midra in her family home and work on our studies all I can think is how grateful I am to her and my other friends for their support through all my troubles even the ones that do not include Nate.

As for those who have been the cause of my troubles I am happy to say there is only 22 more days for me in Camelot. Then I will be travelling to my home Tartarus for the summer season, and can spend my time studying at the small fraction of my school that is placed there. I will escape Ella and Trish and can spend my time with Zachery, Mary, and Erik being as they all live in Tartarus full time. Then if I’m lucky I can visit Midra and Anna in Winchester, as well as my sister in her small rural area called Clover town. A four month break from life, is sounds deliciously fun, and increasingly mysterious.

More to come,

Ruby, the not so wicked witch.


What happens when a king falls?

“Ella and her ignorance and Trish and her arrogance” Words I used to describe the curses on my soon to be ex roommates, very rightly chosen words may I add. They speak of treaties and peace keeping between the four of us (Them, Anna and myself) yet roll their eyes, and become enraged (possible hyperbole but still) when parts of the agreement that don’t completely follow their social lives come into play. Surprisingly for once their frustration lies on me, for asking if no one could be around OUR room tonight. I gave no explanation, because I thought no explanation was needed, but i was wrong and they came to me upset. One comment made in our discussion confused and upset me the most which was that I make this request everyday. That statement was indeed a hyperbole, a full out exaggeration to prove a point they wished to make. A point that they think puts me in the wrong. So now as they paint me in their minds and to their friends as an Wicked Witch I sit in disappointment, for I hoped for so much more from them. Friendship, Understanding and apparently more then they deem necessary to give.

See for the past month I have been dealing with a personal crisis of  belief. The man who mentored me and gave me the skills and confidence I possess today, has fallen ill. A very sudden illness that will have an ever changing effect on his life, and not only can I do nothing to help I am also in “camelot” a place quiet far from him. So as I deal with the short and vague  information on his well being that I get every few days I expected some respect and curtesy from those I live near. Yet no they instead  continue to refrain and more appropriately refuse to do anything beside think of themselves. I only wish for a small amount of peace, to do the small bit I can for him which is essentially to pray. Pray and hope for his health, cause he is truly a king to me and in a sense I am his humble servant only grateful that he has shined hope into my life.

My crisis of belief comes with this illness, for I am only alive because of this man. Zachariah the faithful, a warrior and king, for all he met where touched by his talents and kindness. No creature immune to his charm and personality, not even a witch. He found me in a time when I had cursed myself, with doubt, hate, fear, and I was close to death because of the two things I would not grant myself, faith and love. He brought me to life, lifted my curses helped when I fell back into old habits, never judged a rumour on who was courting me and was another father when I could not bare to tell mine. Now this man that I imagined as a king, superhero and much more is lying in a bed ill and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I had faith that good things happened to good people, that I deserved saving but I would rather be lying in that hospital bed then him any day. He deserves life much more than I, and that is something I cannot bare to think about or else I cry. My faith in karma and life and everything has become as dark as it can get. He is a good man and does not deserve what he has been given, but I suppose do any of us.

Well If you will excuse me I can no longer bare to discuss this,

Ruby, the not so wicked witch

Once upon a time…

Every single person on this planet at some point has wished for a life like a fairytale they want to be the hero, princess, maybe even the evil queen. Even i’ve wanted that in not so many words. The only difference is that i’ve realized that in a way I live in a fairytale: Surrounded by Orgs, Fairies, Princes, and much more. It just takes a bit of an imagination to see the full idea, and before you ask I don’t see it the way you think I do. Trust me in this fairytale world I am definitely not the princess who’s life is spent waiting for a prince to save them, but I know a few. I must warn you, not all fairytales end the way we want and this one is not either. I promise it will be messy, heart breaking and most importantly honest.

Before I get to ahead of myself I should let you know who I am! I`m Ruby, and I live in a gigantic kingdom full of creatures one would only expect to find in a fairytales and myths, lets call it camelot. Even though thats what one may think it is very much not true, an unfortunate fact I must come to face. This may be the point were you are thinking if I don’t see my self as a princess what do I see myself as, and you are very right to ask this. I am the friendly neighbourhood WITCH, not evil, not good just there. I see things that no one else notices something my friends have noticed. Now some say “that I know too much” and “it almost seems like I’m physic” but thats not true, Im just observant. I also have a fun time with chaos and disarray, but I am more interested in watching then causing, so no evil witch for you to watch out for.

Within this gigantic kingdom I have found a home at the local castle grounds, where I study my craft. I live with three others girls, all princess and all cursed, with there own faults. Such as Anna and her rage, Ella and her ignorance and Trish and her arrogance. Ella and Trish are the best of friends leaving Anna alone to deal with her curse, well not completely alone she has me, they all do. I see past all the bricks walls and glamours and see everyone for what they are. Not to say I haven’t been stumped, I have most definitely been mistaken with some of my judgements, take my roommates for example when I first met them I thought that Ella and Trish had overcome their curses saved themselves before we met, but that was not the case. Then with Anna I must admit I was very wrong and saw a troll within her, her rage engulfed her and caused her to stomp around and create a wall that for a long ti me I could not break through. When I did I was pleasantly surprised to find a lovely young women who had been trapped in her mind, as if it were a tower. No one around to help or notice, but I hope I have at least I know that she let me in. I am her Merlin and she Is my King Arthur (the early years), At least for now.

I hope you enjoy my Somewhat fairytale as it unfolds.


Ruby the not so wicked witch