Missing Months part 1

Missing Months

I Know I was absent for a few months so I am now going to fill you in on some of the things in my life that have changed. 1) I am now in a new semester at the Camelot University 2) I now have two jobs and an internship at a local radio station 3) I went home for The winter solstice 4) Much more

So stay tuned for numerous stories labeled Missing Months that will tell the tales I was unable to before.

For now I will tell you about my internship at a local Radio station.  I am the person that runs their online marketing. I deal with their feeds on numerous sites such as “Spellbook”. I also have my own show, where I sit and discuss the numerous things that bug me. I also play music, majority of it from locals of camelot and other nearby regions controlled by the king.  I really enjoy it, the  creatures I work with are great and full of an energy I have never seen before.  The station is always a fun place to be and I feel comfortable.

More to come,

The not so Wicked Witch