Preparation for the ball

Most girls are not as lucky as cinderella! We have to dig through are closets for something to wear, put on are makeup, fret about our hair and if we look good enough. She had birds and mice make her dress and when that failed a fairy godmother make her look fabulous!

Tonight I find myself in Winchester staying with Midra, it is her 20th birthday and we are celebrating!! With that comes a ball, drinks and dancing included. I only wish that I could have some help with my preparation as I always feel like a mess. Either I am showing to much skin or I look like I am a nun, no in between. The one good thing is when your out with friends it really doesn’t matter as much as you make it seem. And the one thing that Cinderella did hit right on the spot was at the end of the night everyone looks like crap! Booze does that to you!

I just hope that my night doesn’t crash as bad as cinderella’s did!

More to come,

Ruby, The not so wicked witch.