Back in Tartarus

I know it has been a very long time since I last posted, I just never could finish the post I wanted to write.

Since It has been a long time since I last wrote I feel like I should catch up as a lot has changed! so starting with Cody as I was talking about him a lot before I my hiatus… found out he has a girlfriend. Which granted was confusing at first but then he explained he doesn’t want to make a big deal about his relationship and he wants it to be a just them thing. So, since I hate having people in my business I get it. After that happened started something with this will-o’-the-wisp named Daniel, ended the things with Daniel (very quick termination). Funny enough it had to do with him telling people to much about us when nothing was really happening and I panicked.

As of my living situation, thankfully Midra moved out and Anna moved in! Something Zachary finds funny as Anna and myself had a rough start as roommates in the dorms. And since School ended for the summer, I came back to Tartarus. The idea was to work with my family and save money… in hind sight not a good idea. I see Zachery and Erik about once a week, which is actually really good considering we all work. We are actually planning a day trip to this park outside of tartarus for zachary’s birthday. Well lets be honest I am planning it as Zachery doesn’t know how to coordinate between people.


I wil try to write more, but for now you are atlas updated on the antics of your neighbourhood witch.

Until Next time,

Ruby the not so wicked witch


When a friend is the best magic

So I am back in Tartarus, attempting to figure out some of the things in my life that have been troubling me. I haven’t talked much about the true issues in my life and have opted to discuss less troubling matters such as Cody and Cam as it makes it easier to write. I wish  I could truly explain the issues in my life as of recent but I myself have no clue as to what words could adequately describe my emotional state. So I am happy to report I am back with Erik and Zachery and hopefully one of them will have wise words to help me figure out my life. If not I know they will help me at least in the way of distraction as they are always there to make me laugh and smile, no matter what else is going on in my life!

I think I have had a change in attitude these past few days just because I knew I would be back with them! As well as because I have to report about Cody and Cam, I need the two most important men in my life to approve those I am possibly crushing on. They also need to help me figure out how delusional Sarah is in her assumption that they like me! But I am mostly excited for a day of adventure we have decided to embark on. The goal is to get 20 things off a checklist of “bucket list” items! These things involve us roaming around Tartarus and having some great laughs!

Well I suppose I should get back to reality instead of just writing about it!

More to come,

Ruby  the not so Wicked witch

A beast is just a beast

I just want to say one thing, the tale of beauty and the beast is not realistic. A beast is a beast, not a man cursed against his own will! He is not an innocent waiting for you to “fix him” and break his curse. He is and will always be the beast, unless he fixes the problem. And no girl should stick around locked away waiting for the day he chooses to be better. You may think you are changing him but lets be honest thats just you wishing for him to better, and that wish only makes you view him as better. Lets use a drastic example, if someone was to hit you, just because they don’t hit you the next day doesn’t change the fact they hit you the day before! You can sugar coat it all you want, but a beast is a beast. Yes sometimes we view a person negatively and then see the better side of them, but if someone needs to be “changed” for them to be the right person for you then they were never the right person.

I am the person that thinks that we need to love the positives and the negatives of a person, but not change the negative aspects of them. Yes we all want to be better for the person we love but if someone views my honesty and bluntness as a negative I am not changing that! Thats because I am aware that I can find someone who loves that about me even if they don’t like it all the time. We all have a beast in ourselves; we just need to find the person who doesn’t see us as a beast but sees the person we truly are. Why would you want to be with someone you have to fix? Why wouldn’t you want someone who can grow with you in a joint effort not someone who takes away from your needs? The world is set in a craze of stories were its ok if the guy courting you is not always nice or polite because you can change him. That needs too change, men and women need to learn about how important the treatment of others is, we can’t let those we have prospective relationships with treat us less than we deserve because we hope that one day it won’t be like that anymore, and that they will “learn”! How will they learn if you don’t tell them straight up that being treated like a prisoner or pet is not acceptable at the start!

Let those beasts know that you want more, let they know you are willing to go look for more, and then they can decide if being a beast is worth it. If they choose to be a beast then be happy you got out when you could!

More to come,

Ruby the not so Wicked witch

Valentines Day

It is the time of the year when fairytale creatures of all variety feel the pull of love or the pull of loneliness. Some lose their battles and become consumed with one of them, others fight and win. I would like to think I am winning this battle, as I am not consumed with love (lust maybe) or loneliness! I know plenty that are fully consumed with the ideas brought up on valentines, while I know others who like me have no real commitment to the holiday. I know that I might be a hypocrite when my other posts about Cody and Cam are brought into light, but I am not really lonely, or looking for love. I am spending this day studying for an exam in a class were we look at the social behaviour of creatures, then tonight I am going to a movie with Sarah… and Cody. But with Sarah there it cannot be anything more than a group of friends seeing a bad movie together. It won’t be a day where I fantasize about a “prince charming” especially as I do not ever want to date a prince charming but that in itself is a whole other rant. It will be a day I spend with the people that don’t make me lonely, a day I spend with those who make me laugh and smile! I suggest you all spend this day the same way, even if you are single there is someone around who cares about you!

Optimistically ,

Ruby the not so Wicked Witch

Notice: In need of a mind reader

“mind reader” aka a person who can supposedly discern what another person is thinking. (as a google search has told me)
Does anyone know of such a person, cause I could use some help! I am in a constant state of confusion when it comes to Cody and Cam! Sarah and Anna both seem to think these men like me, but I am at a loss. I normally have a knack for picking up on subtle cues about people but not with these guys. These guys are making me question all I know, and it is driving me insane. I have been content with the idea that I could never find someone who could change my world as fairytales and books describe. I would not find that mysterious person who has me question my world, and flip it around all at the same time! A person who would give me butterflies when he speaks to me, a person who can say the right thing to calm my anxiety without me openly saying I am freaking out.
I was content and then out of no where I find two guys who fit this description. At first I was angry and now I am just in a state of constant confusion. The moment I think my feelings for one have left, I see them and they say the right thing, the thing that makes my heart jump if only a little. I have to admit I know my feelings are not as intense and described they are only minuscule compared to others when they get these feelings, but the fact I have any makes me feel out of balance. I just want to know how to continue, actually need is a better word. I need advice, even a simple “this is normal” so I can find balance in this new world I have come to be placed within.
So for all who stumble upon this blog please give me advice, what should I do?
More to come,
The not so Wicked Witch

Creatures of Camelot 2017

So last year I made a post discussing the many creatures of Camelot and now the list of relevant creatures has changed and I thought I would give you a bit of an update!

Anna- A cursed princess fighting her inner battle, a fight we all find ourselves in each day, hers curse is just a day to day challenge that effects her life in a larger manner, thought if you know her well you can see her inner beauty and passion shine through. (Allegiance is good)

Midra- A loving, stubborn, intellectual elf! She has her own inner battle that can be very destructive and that tends to be taken out on me at a moments notice but she leans to the light somewhat often.(Allegiance is very confusing)

Sarah- A mortal girl with a curiosity of the witch/wizard community, she finds herself stuck in a shell that she cannot break out of on her own but a want for more than she possesses of herself (allegiance appears good)

AJ- A fun loving elf with a love of music and and the Camelot community. He is a fun guy, but he also has a habit of falling into a pit of stress. As a side note he is also my boss. (allegiance appears good)

Stan- a loving dwarf, who spends much of his time listening to music from around the realms and studying the various creatures that live within them. He is always around to listen to my many questions of the social aspects of our society. (allegiance appears good)

Ally- Half fairy have good witch, and a surprising friend. Ally is a coworker at MGIC Fm, where she runs all the programs. She has been a great ally this past year and has made me feel very much at home. (allegiance is good)

Meg-Another good witch, who finds herself questioning her world. She like me has a need to know the stories of all around her, even if she has to search for the answers. (allegiance appears good)

Scott-  A Gargoyle seen to be lazy and evil by some, but he is truly a protector of those he cares about. He finds himself in a world were he is constantly questioned by all around him, friends and family included. Through this he finds himself viewed with mixed reactions as he tries to discover his true purpose.

Vicky- A mischievous pixie who loves to prank her friends and meet new strangers. She holds a strong confident front, but finds herself riddled with a lack of genuine confidence, hiding it within laughter and fast talking.

When you become drawn to someone

Shapeshifter have become a reality to me, mostly in regards to those I like. Because of this I am now hesitant to allow myself to truly hold feelings for another person. I am just scared that my set perception of them will yet again be so off, and that I will be ignoring the true aspects of their lives. This idea might seem very out there but it is true that I am indeed scared of the same thing happening again.

The reason I mention this is there is this man I have found myself drawn to, in a way I am not used to and it scares me. He is like not like the men I normally find myself drawn to, one because he seems to be an actually nice person, not just to me but to others. The fact that he is so different than anyone I really know scares me, yet intrigues me. Mostly because I don’t know much about him but I know there is something that makes me want to know more. Also he works at one of the schools potion shops, and supplies me with my constant need for energy inducing potions. If I make things super uncomfortable with him I know I will lose the want to go there because of it. So I am stuck on what to do. Do I take a leap and see about maybe hanging out with him, or do I act like a scared person and avoid it. See I am not as confident as I used to be with men as my ex’s have messed it up.

Lets hope I can make a decision soon… or at least that something forces me to.

More to come,

The Not So Wicked Witch