All it takes is a little bit of Magic

Sorry I haven’t written much as of recently, I got into a bit of a funk. I was always tired and down, which led to me becoming sick. Though I am not on here to tell you how bad things have been, I am here to tell you how good things are getting. All It took was a little help from my friends, a trip to Tartarus, and a bit of self pampering and I feel like a new person.  Anna and me travelled to my home town for the weekend and it was marvellous! I saw Zachery, Mary and Erik, along with my parents and brother. Spending those days at home made me so happy because I felt my inner magic return. My happiness, my smile, my laugh it seems like at least a month since I have laughed that much. I just had marvellous time, we went into the local tavern and got some drinks and good food and had a dandy old time. I got a pampering with my mother at one of the local nail salons, where we had happy fairies helping us relax and feel awesome. I got to help my father tend to are garden and even though I couldn’t do much as I only had heeled shoes it was fun! Then at the end of the weekend I got to watch Anna and her team play ringette and win!!! And the weirdest thing of all was that I, a person with no knowledge or previous enjoyment with sports, had an amazing time, and I know that it is all because of Anna. I cared because I knew she cared and now she has a permanent fan at all the home games to harass her!

I guess the point of all this is, the best magic is the magic that makes you smile and makes you feel alive. As well as it is important to have friends who can pull you out of that gutter and fill your spirits!

more to come,

The not so wicked witch


Once upon a time…

This is not just any tale this is the story of one of my greatest allies Zachery!

He is a strong but Grumpy Dwarf, always bickering with someone just so he can bicker. We are a lot alike, except I’m more adjusted to human life.  He behaves as a cave man at times sitting in front of a magic mirror for hours making imaginary characters fight for entertainment, although he would fit in well with the elvish community because of his lust for new information.

We met in junior high, when I had transferred from an all girls academy to my local academy. It was smaller than  I was used to but it made it easier to spot people to talk to. I am going to be completely honest and say I have no recognition of when we actually met, I only remember the annoying encounters that followed. Needless to say we were not close at all in junior high, but now I consider him my best friend.

It took one lovely elf/pixie hybrid to bring us together, or more Zachery’s attraction to her. Her name is Katherine, and the two of us where inseparable in high school. We met the first day of school and without her I would not have become close with any of my best friends now. It became clear very quickly that Zachery and his best friend at the time Cole both liked her, and I was on third wheel duty to relieve the pressure from her. It was a tedious task that I almost regret if it didn’t lead to my mother coming into our schools cafeteria during Zachery’s and my spare period and giving him a lecture on treating Katherine well.

We soon became more friends than acquaintances, and while that was happening Katherine and Cole became and Item. It was than that Zachery and me truly became friends, it seems like being on the same end of our friends arguments was a bonding moment. I can remember the first time we actually hung out alone, besides me bumming rides off him from school. It was two summers ago and I was making the food for a friends birthday celebration being held at my house, Mary originally came over to help but it turned out so horribly I called it round 1 and called Zachery to help for round 2. I don’t even think he came to the party, yet he most definitely was the greatest help with helping. We bickered less than we had ever before, and we both bonded over having to listen to our friends talk about there fighting.

Ever sense then we have continued to grow our friendship, through fights and bickering, we made it to this point. Aka the point were I annoy him every time I have an issue, but he always picks up or calls me back! The best friend I could have asked for!

More to come,

Ruby the not so Wicked Witch

What happens when a king falls?

“Ella and her ignorance and Trish and her arrogance” Words I used to describe the curses on my soon to be ex roommates, very rightly chosen words may I add. They speak of treaties and peace keeping between the four of us (Them, Anna and myself) yet roll their eyes, and become enraged (possible hyperbole but still) when parts of the agreement that don’t completely follow their social lives come into play. Surprisingly for once their frustration lies on me, for asking if no one could be around OUR room tonight. I gave no explanation, because I thought no explanation was needed, but i was wrong and they came to me upset. One comment made in our discussion confused and upset me the most which was that I make this request everyday. That statement was indeed a hyperbole, a full out exaggeration to prove a point they wished to make. A point that they think puts me in the wrong. So now as they paint me in their minds and to their friends as an Wicked Witch I sit in disappointment, for I hoped for so much more from them. Friendship, Understanding and apparently more then they deem necessary to give.

See for the past month I have been dealing with a personal crisis of  belief. The man who mentored me and gave me the skills and confidence I possess today, has fallen ill. A very sudden illness that will have an ever changing effect on his life, and not only can I do nothing to help I am also in “camelot” a place quiet far from him. So as I deal with the short and vague  information on his well being that I get every few days I expected some respect and curtesy from those I live near. Yet no they instead  continue to refrain and more appropriately refuse to do anything beside think of themselves. I only wish for a small amount of peace, to do the small bit I can for him which is essentially to pray. Pray and hope for his health, cause he is truly a king to me and in a sense I am his humble servant only grateful that he has shined hope into my life.

My crisis of belief comes with this illness, for I am only alive because of this man. Zachariah the faithful, a warrior and king, for all he met where touched by his talents and kindness. No creature immune to his charm and personality, not even a witch. He found me in a time when I had cursed myself, with doubt, hate, fear, and I was close to death because of the two things I would not grant myself, faith and love. He brought me to life, lifted my curses helped when I fell back into old habits, never judged a rumour on who was courting me and was another father when I could not bare to tell mine. Now this man that I imagined as a king, superhero and much more is lying in a bed ill and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I had faith that good things happened to good people, that I deserved saving but I would rather be lying in that hospital bed then him any day. He deserves life much more than I, and that is something I cannot bare to think about or else I cry. My faith in karma and life and everything has become as dark as it can get. He is a good man and does not deserve what he has been given, but I suppose do any of us.

Well If you will excuse me I can no longer bare to discuss this,

Ruby, the not so wicked witch