Back in Tartarus

I know it has been a very long time since I last posted, I just never could finish the post I wanted to write.

Since It has been a long time since I last wrote I feel like I should catch up as a lot has changed! so starting with Cody as I was talking about him a lot before I my hiatus… found out he has a girlfriend. Which granted was confusing at first but then he explained he doesn’t want to make a big deal about his relationship and he wants it to be a just them thing. So, since I hate having people in my business I get it. After that happened started something with this will-o’-the-wisp named Daniel, ended the things with Daniel (very quick termination). Funny enough it had to do with him telling people to much about us when nothing was really happening and I panicked.

As of my living situation, thankfully Midra moved out and Anna moved in! Something Zachary finds funny as Anna and myself had a rough start as roommates in the dorms. And since School ended for the summer, I came back to Tartarus. The idea was to work with my family and save money… in hind sight not a good idea. I see Zachery and Erik about once a week, which is actually really good considering we all work. We are actually planning a day trip to this park outside of tartarus for zachary’s birthday. Well lets be honest I am planning it as Zachery doesn’t know how to coordinate between people.


I wil try to write more, but for now you are atlas updated on the antics of your neighbourhood witch.

Until Next time,

Ruby the not so wicked witch


Once upon a time…

Every single person on this planet at some point has wished for a life like a fairytale they want to be the hero, princess, maybe even the evil queen. Even i’ve wanted that in not so many words. The only difference is that i’ve realized that in a way I live in a fairytale: Surrounded by Orgs, Fairies, Princes, and much more. It just takes a bit of an imagination to see the full idea, and before you ask I don’t see it the way you think I do. Trust me in this fairytale world I am definitely not the princess who’s life is spent waiting for a prince to save them, but I know a few. I must warn you, not all fairytales end the way we want and this one is not either. I promise it will be messy, heart breaking and most importantly honest.

Before I get to ahead of myself I should let you know who I am! I`m Ruby, and I live in a gigantic kingdom full of creatures one would only expect to find in a fairytales and myths, lets call it camelot. Even though thats what one may think it is very much not true, an unfortunate fact I must come to face. This may be the point were you are thinking if I don’t see my self as a princess what do I see myself as, and you are very right to ask this. I am the friendly neighbourhood WITCH, not evil, not good just there. I see things that no one else notices something my friends have noticed. Now some say “that I know too much” and “it almost seems like I’m physic” but thats not true, Im just observant. I also have a fun time with chaos and disarray, but I am more interested in watching then causing, so no evil witch for you to watch out for.

Within this gigantic kingdom I have found a home at the local castle grounds, where I study my craft. I live with three others girls, all princess and all cursed, with there own faults. Such as Anna and her rage, Ella and her ignorance and Trish and her arrogance. Ella and Trish are the best of friends leaving Anna alone to deal with her curse, well not completely alone she has me, they all do. I see past all the bricks walls and glamours and see everyone for what they are. Not to say I haven’t been stumped, I have most definitely been mistaken with some of my judgements, take my roommates for example when I first met them I thought that Ella and Trish had overcome their curses saved themselves before we met, but that was not the case. Then with Anna I must admit I was very wrong and saw a troll within her, her rage engulfed her and caused her to stomp around and create a wall that for a long ti me I could not break through. When I did I was pleasantly surprised to find a lovely young women who had been trapped in her mind, as if it were a tower. No one around to help or notice, but I hope I have at least I know that she let me in. I am her Merlin and she Is my King Arthur (the early years), At least for now.

I hope you enjoy my Somewhat fairytale as it unfolds.


Ruby the not so wicked witch