Preparation for the ball

Most girls are not as lucky as cinderella! We have to dig through are closets for something to wear, put on are makeup, fret about our hair and if we look good enough. She had birds and mice make her dress and when that failed a fairy godmother make her look fabulous!

Tonight I find myself in Winchester staying with Midra, it is her 20th birthday and we are celebrating!! With that comes a ball, drinks and dancing included. I only wish that I could have some help with my preparation as I always feel like a mess. Either I am showing to much skin or I look like I am a nun, no in between. The one good thing is when your out with friends it really doesn’t matter as much as you make it seem. And the one thing that Cinderella did hit right on the spot was at the end of the night everyone looks like crap! Booze does that to you!

I just hope that my night doesn’t crash as bad as cinderella’s did!

More to come,

Ruby, The not so wicked witch.


Traveling through the land

Traveling to a destination will always be a tedious event, made even worse when one travels in a community carriage. You risk getting stuck beside ghosts who spend the trip reminiscing about their past, trolls who spend the trip drooling on you as they constantly fall  asleep on your shoulder, or worse. I personally find the worst people to be stuck by are  the vampires and werewolves who seem to only really wake up at night and keep those around them up from their obnoxious noise and heightened energy. A near second would be Sugar Plum Fairies, those are the over talkative ones, only irritating if they are near you, pretty much horrific if they are sitting beside you. I have gotten stuck by one once, she was travelling from Camelot to Tartarus, as was I, so she sat with me. Longest nine hours of my life, I learned more than I would ever like to about her. A witch was not made to have prolonged social interactions with Sugar Plum fairies, hell most fairies are hard for me to handle.

Today I found myself travelling to Winchester, and thankfully I got to sit alone! Although I am near a Warrior and her family. Warrior women are a fierce sort, harsh to enemies and protective of all, especially their families. From the moment she boarded the carriage her strength and protectiveness was apparent. These traits were solidified when she exclaimed “Split up a family why don’t you!” her tone got the other passengers moving quickly. With in an instant a lovely pixie had moved seats so that the warrior had room for her two boys. While the pixie was moving many more creatures offered their spots to the strong women that stood before them.

As the trip continued I began to see more peaceful aspects to the mother, as one of her sons appeared to be so hyper that one would assume he had ate been eating from a witches  candy house moments before boarding. Even in his hyper active state she was patient and kind to him, apologizing to passengers that he was disturbing.

It has been a long time since I have travelling in a private carriage with my family and I can’t help but wonder if community carriages are better. Mostly because when one travels it gives them an opportunity to create unique stories and memories as well as learn more about those they may not associate with.

More to come,

Ruby, the not so wicked witch.